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  • customer satisfaction

    great experience at lowest price guaranteed

  • Ease to buying & selecting

    great experience at lowest price guaranteed

  • All Adventure under one roof

    great experience at lowest price guaranteed

  • Standardized Services

    great experience at lowest price guaranteed

Saving Wild Places

Choice of service, provider & price range

Respecting Community First

Curated service providers

best place to enjoy your life

We want to solve the problem of #Discovery #trust #choice.

Four Adventuria’s Pillars

  • Technology

    In tech, we are creating one of its kind real time booking engine which doesn’t exist in the adventure tour ecosystem. It will enable the real time booking of adventure tour packages along choice of activities. Even Real time customization of packages from multiple vendors can be done on a click of button. This will also real time discounting capability for Bulk Booking.

  • Web 3.0

    We believe in web 3.0 approach will help us achieve maximum sales online with less or zero human interactions. In Web 3.0 there is high emphasis on rich information, which can make a buying decision for customer much easier. Secondly emphasis on real time information for smooth online transactions without glitches.

  • Standardization

    From your ground research we were able to identify the safety standards for adventures services are not been given importance specially in case of economy class of Packages. We want to makes sure that We have strong on-boarding and continuous check process to ensure safety of our customer remains intact. Standardization will be also extended to amenities by service provider.

  • Smile

    Distinctive approach to bring smile: We believe in passing a smile to our vendor and in-return they will be passing to the Adventuria’s customers. This will happen if we work with limited set of vendor in each location and ensuring they are being able to run profitably. We wish to shared consumer feedback from effective tech channel to improvise service quality.


Surya Uday Bedi Director Gulnare Skincare

Great environment in the lap of mother nature. Had a great time over there. Nice people and surroundings.

Robin Kandwal Product head,M education,Tech Mahindra

If you ever want to step away from the choas of the city life and make some some time with your...

Gaurav Vashist CMO-Gocheetah

It was a very pleasant and soothing experience. Keep rocking Guys....