Giant Swing

Giant Swing is an extreme adventure Sport, where you swing in air from a rope on verticle height.



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  • Always wear body tight cloths.
  • Never keep loose items or things with you.
  • Feel very brave before doing it.
  • Make sure you have wear all safety gears and equipments.
  • Understand the safety procedures.
  • Make sure you have no medical conditions.
  • Do All Mandatory Safety Checks.
  • You may swing few times, but never panic.
  • Initially till one swing, you would feel nervous, afterwards you would enjoy it.

In Giant Swing you go on a verticle height. And jump from a height to the ground, being supported by the rope attached to your body. The rope is an elastic one which streched on weight being applied on them. So you go on the verticle height, you have wear your all safety gears. your body is being eqipped, with the hooks and safety equipments. And then you jump from a hieght, and swing in the air for a while and then while you stop swinging, you are being retuened to the ground. With the help of rope, from which you are being tied up.

It is a moderate risks adventourous sport if proper safty measurements are being taken. The main part is of rope you are tied up that should be perfect, even a small mistake from safety could be life threatening.

In India You could do giant Swing in the following places:

  • Rishikesh - Uttrakhand

Giant Swing Packages

Moonlight- Jungle Camp Near Waterfall


2 DAY(s)

River Side


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