Hiking ( Jungle Walk)

Hiking is going inside authorised areas of jungle by walking.



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If Hiking in a jungle always ensure following things:

• Never should inside the jungle.

• Never try to distract any Wild Animal.

• Make sure you are going with an authorized agent.

• Make sure you follow all the Jungle rules. • Wear Comfortable hiking shoes, with good grip.

• Wear Comfortable and fit cloths.

• Always carry a strong stick with You while Hiking.

• Carry a Small torch with you.

• Don't Run inside jungle, without a reason.

• Never play music, or talk on phone.

• Never use flash light inside the Jungle.

• Keep your camera, phone on silent mode.

Hiking is walking on some tough terrains. It could be mountain, snow, frozen lake or jungle. Make sure you are aware of surrounding and are with someone who is local or guide. You go inside some natural trails, with amazing things to see during your walk. Hiking is best when done in any natural area and surrounding.

It is considered as medium risk adventourous sport. Make sure you are with someone who is authorised to go with you during Hiking. People go for Hiking and stay in Camps for few days. There are few treks which requires fews days walk to complete. Hiking should be done by a Medicaly fit person. And should be done regularly to keep yourself young and healthy.

In India You could Do Hiking in these places:

  • Manali - Himachal Pradesh
  • Ladhakh- Jammu & Kashmir
  • The Grand Indrahar Pass - Himachal Pradesh
  • Seven Sisters Trek - Himachal Pradesh
  • Hampta Pass trek - Manali
  • Kedarkantha Trekking - Uttrakhand
  • Kauri Pass Trek - Uttrakhand
  • Garhwal - Uttrakhand
  • Mussorie - Uttrakhand
  • Nag Tibba - Uttrakhand
  • Chandrashila Peak - Uttrakhand
  • Jaudhar Glacier - Uttrakhand
  • Roopkund Trek - Uttrakhand
  • Tiger Hill - West Bengal
  • Singalia Ridge Trail - West Bengal
  • Kurseong Trek - West Bengal
  • Goecha La Trekking - Sikkim
  • Zanskar Trek - Ladhakh
  • Nagalapuram Trek - Andhra Pradesh

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