Hot Air Ballon

Hor Air Balloon is an Extreme adventure sports, where you go up in the air on a small basket like structure, covered by ballon like structure.



All seasons except Monsoons and Winters.




  • Safety
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  • While doing Hot Air Balloon, weather plays a very crucial role.
  • This activity should be done either early morning or early evening.
  • You should always wear Safety gears.
  • Proper Instructions and safety guidelines should be followed.
  • Do not panic if wind condition changes suddenly.
  • Always follow what instructor is saying.

Hot Air Balloon is one of the oldest extreme adventure in india. In India it is done at many places. There is a basket like structure, where you could go stand and sit. In the middle there is a round structure, from where fire is coming. That fire goes traight into the balloon like larrge dome, attached to the basket. Which actually helps to propell the balloon. It helps in the doing movements for the balloon. From Hot Air Balloon the view is very significant. You could see the clear view of the area and many places. The feel of being in the air and close to the sky is very pleasent. It is considered as the extreme adventure of India, as due to bad wind conditions, it could be extremely dangerous. Hot Air Balloon is one of the most pleasent extreme adventure in India due to its view.

This is extreme adventure sport in India. It involves High Risks, as everything on the Hot Air Balloon depends upon the wind conditions. Due to sudden bad weather, it could be a dangerous sport.

In India you could do Hot Air Balloon at following places:

  • Jaipur - Rajasthan
  • Lonavala - Maharasthra
  • Goa West Coast - Karnataka
  • Gurgaon - Haryana
  • Agra - Uttra Pradesh
  • Pushkar - Rajasthan
  • Manali - Himachal Pradesh
  • Bhopal - Madhya Pradesh
  • Darjeeling

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Atali - A Luxury Stay

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