Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is an Extreme Adventure Sport, where you climb a rock, with the help of other safety gears.



All seasons except Monsoons.




  • Safety
  • Overview
  • Levels
  • Always Wear Safety Gears and Helmet before Starting this activity.
  • Understand the basic techniques of Rock Climbing before doing it.
  • Always follow the instructions and safety guidelines.
  • Always wear sports shoes with high grip.
  • Before climbing up, choosing any stone to put your weight on it.
  • Make sure it is fixed and would not pop out.
  • Make sure you can lift your body with your own hands.
  • Rock Climbing needs Strong hands.

Rock Climbing is the extreme adventure sports in India. In Rock Climbing, you climb a huge stone with your own hands. Pushing your body from one hand to another. This activity requires phsyical fitness. Here in Rock Climbing, your are tied with a rope, and from rope, which helps you hanging in the air. Now by using your hand, you climb the rocks / mmountain pushing yourself upward with the support of your hand. This is one of the extreme adventure sports in India, which could be dangerous if proper saftey is not taken. Any small mistake, and you could fell from the rock and that could be life threatening.

This is extreme adventure sport in India. It may involve high risks if is being trid in bad weather. Proper safety gears should be used. Rock Climbing could give you minor or major bruises. Be verry sure about it, before doing this activity.

In India, you could do this activity on following places:

  • Dhauj - Haryana
  • Western Ghats - Pune
  • Manali - Himachal Pradesh
  • Manikaran - Himachal Pradesh
  • Mount Abu - Rajasthan
  • Chamundi Hills - Karnataka
  • Western Ghats - Karnataka
  • Susunia Hills - West Bengal
  • Parvati Valley – Himachal Pradesh
  • Miyar Valley – Himachal Pradesh
  • Sar pass – Himachal Pradesh
  • Shey Rock – Jammu and Kashmir
  • Madhugiri – Karnataka
  • Pythal Mala – Kerala
  • Savanaduga – Karnataka
  • Ramnagar – Karnataka
  • Madhugiri – Karnataka
  • Malshej ghat – Maharashtra

Rock Climbing Packages

Adventuria Tripaka - Only for Couple/Family


2 DAY(s)

Waterfall Side


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